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Basement Floor: Drawing Center Lines

Posted on February 7, 2011 by admin There have been 0 comments

This short article will explain how to find the center point of a room and draw center lines that are perpendicular to the walls.  Please note that you would use this technique for indoor installations.  This article may not apply when installing a garage floor or any room where you plan to use ramp edges.

Drawing the Center Lines of a Rectangular or Square Basement

From an arbitrary location close to Wall D, measure the distance from wall A and C.  Place a small “X” at the midpoint of your measurement.   Repeat the same procedure on the opposite side of the room close to Wall B.   At that point, you will have two small “X” marks at the opposite sides of the room.  Draw a guideline that goes through the two points (through the two X’s). Once this is done, measure the guideline and mark its center.  Using a carpenter’s square, draw another guideline that is perpendicular to the first one.  Please note this method is used because many rooms are not a perfect rectangle.  Using this method will give you the room’s center point.

Figure 1
Basement Flooring: Center Lines

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