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Basic Installation: Interlocking Floor Tiles

Posted on January 31, 2011 by admin There have been 0 comments

Purpose of this page: This article applies to all interlocking floor tiles with our loop to peg system.  It is a basic introduction of how to interlock the tiles together.

Interlocking Floor Tiles - Figure 1Interlocking the tiles together is as simple as aligning the tiles correctly and snapping them together with your hand or mallet.  Aligning the Interlocking Floor Tiles is important. Remember that these interlocking tiles are modular in nature, so they can connect even if they are aligned incorrectly. Please see Figure 1 to review a basic diagram on how to align the tiles.   If you notice on the correct tile alignment, the loops are all facing the same direction.  Make sure you align the pegs and loops correctly as this will allow them to snap together much easier.

Warning:  There is a possibility of damaging the pegs and loops if you bang them with a mallet when the loops are not properly aligned.

Do I need any tools to interlock these tiles together?

No, it is possible to interlock them with your bare hands. However, since many of you are installing large areas, we would recommend that you use gloves, knee pads, and a small mallet.  I will assure you that your knees and hands would appreciate it.

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Note: Please note that this article does not cover a room installation.  Depending on your particular project, the installation recommendations could differ.  Please find the installation article that is most closely associated with your particular project.  Below, we have listed some direct links to specific project types.

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