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Garage Floor Tiles vs. Epoxy Paint for Garage Floors

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The chart below compares ModuTile garage floor tiles vs. epoxy paint for garage floors. There are many brands of garage floor tiles out there and this comparison strictly refers to ModuTile garage floor tiles. ModuTile interlocking tiles are all made in the USA and were designed for home garage floors. We are located in Houston, Texas USA.


Garage Floor Tiles
High-Impact Polymer
(Polypropylene Base)

Epoxy Paint for Garage Floors

Tire Mark Stains


Yes / Over Time

Ease of Installation

Very Easy


Installation Type Do It Yourself (DIY)

Very Easy to Install. The garage floor tiles interlock together using a peg-to-loop system. The locking mechanism is strong and will not snap apart when vehicles turn their wheels. No Tools are necessary for installation unless you need to cut the tiles to fit.


Yes, there are home kits available for a DIY installation of epoxy paints, but the quality of the epoxy is questionable. There are high-end grades of epoxy that perform excellently, but they are not economical for home garages.
Designed for

Specially Designed for Home Garage Floors. Because of their interlocking design, they are also suitable for other areas of your house such as basement floors. The tiles will support heavy vehicles such as trucks and SUVs.

Originally designed for foot traffic only. Even high-end home grade epoxy paint will eventually peel off the garage floor. The car tires will cause the paint to peel off over time.

Materials Required for Installation Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles and Ramp edges for entrance of the garage. In order to avoid cutting, some customers will simply make a large garage floor mat where the vehicles will park.

A jigsaw is needed if you plan to cut to fit. Make sure you wear eye protection when using cutting tools.
If you must paint the garage floor, we recommend professional grade epoxy paint that is used for airplane hangars. Even the best home kit versions usually only last a year or so before they start peeling off the concrete.

The epoxy paint. You will also need professional grade grinder, chemical resistant gloves, goggles, professional grade chemicals to clean up grease or other stains on the concrete, bucket, and a roller.


15+ years under normal conditions.
Not all garage floor tiles are created equal. Modutile is proud of our design. The current interlocking system was redesigned to make it last. It also  allows the tiles to expand during hot summer temperatures (yes, even Arizona’s summers)  and contract during cold winter months. ModuTile garage floor tiles are ½ inch thick and weight enough to make them last. The surface design has a non-slip resistance pattern. The tiles also have UV protection for even direct sunlight exposure. The high-impact polymer material does not stain easily and hot tires will not mark the tiles.  If they do get dirty, you can clean them easily.

Epoxy paint home kits usually last about 1 year, but sometimes less. The key for making it last longer is making sure the concrete is free of stains.

High-end Commercial Grade Epoxy Paint Versions will last 10+ years, but vehicle tires will tend to mark them and the garage floor will look stained. If the concrete slab is experiencing capillary action, even the best epoxy paint will only last a couple of years.

Snow and Salt

Cleans Easily

Cleans Easily



Garage Floor Tiles are easy to unlock and move to other locations. Many customers will take their garage floor when they buy a new home.

Price Range

(2 car garage of 400 sq ft).

DIY Starting at $820 all costs included.
If you pay someone to do it, it will take about 3 hours. If there are many cuts, it may take an additional hour or two to install. You may need to add an additional $200 to your budget if you pay someone to do it.

DIY (do-it-yourself) Home Kits will range between $900 to $1100  if you take the time to do proper concrete preparation.  If you pay someone to apply the home kit, the cost includes the price of preparing the garage, which is a two-day process.  The price for a typical installation is an additional $700 for labor.

High-end Commercial Grade Epoxy Paints (airplane hangar quality) will cost about $5500 with professional installation and proper concrete preparation.

Harmful Fumes and Odor None


(during installation)

Color Options

Many colors available, with ability to create multiple color combinations for attractive designs.

Multiple colors but can only be installed one solid color at a time.

UV Protection


Many do, but not all.

Please remember that the comparison chart above refers to ModuTile garage floor tiles. Not all garage floor tiles are created equal and we consider ours the best in the market. Yes, there are some garage floor tile manufacturers that pay a substantial amount of money to market them as high end and pay celebrities to endorse their product. This usually adds about $2 per sq. ft. to the price. ModuTile designs and manufactures all our tiles here in Houston, Texas USA. We sell them directly to you at the most affordable price possible. We use top quality materials and add UV protection so the color will last even with direct sunlight exposure. Please feel free to visit our garage flooring section of the site to see our various types of garage floor tiles. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us Toll-Free at (877) 663-8845.

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