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ModuTile is a USA manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles for basements and other home flooring needs. These tiles are quickly becoming a great basement flooring option because of their affordability and the fact that they are designed as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) product. The basement floor tiles are constructed using VCT compressed over high-impact polypropylene (read more below about material and construction).

This page is designed to provide answers to the most common questions asked about ModuTiles interlocking basement flooring. Below is a list of the features commonly asked about.

    1. Easy Installation
    2. Mold Prevention Features
      • Material
      • Construction
    3. Thermal Barrier
    4. Surface Design Options
    5. Affordability

Over time, we will continue to add to this page to answer any questions that customers may have asked that were not covered in the initial post. We will also provide links to more in depth answers to some of the features.

Easy Installation

ModuTile’s interlocking basement flooring is designed to interlock using a loop-to-peg system. They easily snap together without the use of tools. Our interlocking tiles do not need to be glued, nailed, grouted or painted. They are designed as a floating floor that sits directly on top of the concrete. The only preparation needed is sweeping to remove debris. The tiles can be installed on top of slightly uneven floor (1/4 inch for every 10 square ft). The basement tiles can be cut using a saw with fine tooth blade. When cutting, we use an electric jigsaw as it is the easies and most affordable way to cut the tiles.

Mold Prevention Features

Basement Carpet TilesOur tiles do not attempt to block the water vapor from rising. Instead, they were designed so the vapor escapes into the room to prevent water from building underneath the tiles (subfloor). In other words, ModuTile’s basement flooring is specifically designed to breathe into the room. This design follows the US Department of Energy Best Practices. We wrote on our blog back in June 21, 2011, about why we do this. To learn more, please visit our “Basement Flooring - Answers to Common Questions” page.

Material: The bottom section of the interlocking basement tile is made out of a non-porous material (high-impact polypropylene) that prevents water absorption. It is a high strength material that will support heavy weights without breaking. In fact, this is the same material used for the garage floor tiles which are design to hold large vehicles such as SUV’s and large Trucks. Modutile’s basement tiles use 100% waterproof, non-absorbent and inorganic materials as part of its construction.

Construction: The underside of the basement tiles are constructed with a grid to allow airflow. In addition, once installed, the basement floor will allow air to flow upward through the gaps between tiles. Again, this design follows the US Department of Energy best practices. The improper use of vapor barriers can compound any mold problems that your basement may already have.

Thermal Barrier

As an added benefit to the grid construction, the basement flooring will act as a thermal barrier. Once installed, the basement surface floor will tend to be about 8 to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete subfloor underneath. The tiles are 1/2 inch thick with a good air flow grid.

Surface Design Options

ModuTile’s surface designs are made to look like popular flooring options such as wood, sandstone, slate, marble or carpet. They are made out of high-grade VCT that is durable. Because basements tend to be darker, many of our tiles are designed using lighter colors. Of course, for those of you that prefer darker colors, we have a few selections that you will definitely like. Please visit our basement flooring option page to view ModuTile’s product selection appropriate for basements.

Before making your final purchase, we highly recommend that you purchase 1 tile as a sample. Electronic media is notoriously inconsistent when displaying colors and different monitors brands will display the colors differently. We make a serious effort to show the true color of the tiles but it is not always possible. If you just need a sample piece to see the color, we will gladly provide 1/4 piece of the tile of your choice for FREE. Just contact us via email asking for color sample. Make sure you let us know which model you are interested in so we can send you the proper sample.


One of the first questions people ask us is why our basement flooring is so much cheaper than others in the market. The answer is simple. We are the USA manufacturer for all our tiles and sell directly to you via the web or phone. This product is designed to be installed by the homeowner or a handyman that has no technical expertise. When you buy from you are buying directly from the manufacturer of the product. We do not use middle men or third party sellers as that only raises the price.

We believe in providing the most affordable prices at all times and not playing around with discounts during certain times of the year. We have ongoing discounts that are directly associated with our current material costs. In addition, when possible, we pass on the savings we get from shipping. If you notice many of our tiles have volume discounts. Those discounts are directly associated with our FedEx and LTL shipping weight discounts.

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