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ModuTile Garage Floor Tiles: Coin Top vs. Diamond Top

Below, you will find a chart comparing ModuTiles Coin Top vs. Diamond Top Garage Floor Tiles. This chart is designed to show you the difference between the two types of garage floor tiles. On the notes section, you will find our comments regarding some of the features and why they were designed the way they were designed. Feel free to leave your comments or questions at the bottom of the page. We will gladly respond directly to you and/or posting the answer on this page. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us Toll-Free at (877) 663-8845. To purchase the product, you can do so over the phone or via our secure web cart. Please visit our garage floor section of the website to purchase online.

Features ModuTile
Coin Top
Diamond Top
Length x Width 12 x 12 inches 12 x 12 inches Each Garage Tile is 1 sq ft. The loops protrude past the 12 inch measurements.
Height (exact measurements) 0.46 inch 0.50 inch
Weight (400 sq ft) 292 lbs 306 lbs Additional weight minimizes the garage tiles from sliding. Remember that these garage floor tiles are installed as a floating floor.
Locking Mechanism 4 Loop-to-Peg System 4 Loop-to-Peg System The locking mechanism was redesigned on 2010 after 7 years experience and 6 million square feet manufactured. The locking mechanism is strong and easy to snap together. It installs 60% faster than the tiles manufactured by ModuTile prior to 2011. We consider our locking mechanism “Best in Class”.
Buckling Issue None
w/ proper installation
w/ proper installation
The new locking mechanism allows for expansion and contraction between the tiles. The garage floor tiles need to have an expansion gap of ½ inch when setting against wall.
Material High-Impact Polymer High-Impact Polymer This is a specific type of plastic with high-impact strength that is specially suitable for garage floors. This material is easier to clean when compared to flexible PVC (rubber floor tiles). In addition, high-impact polymer garage floor tiles do not get marked by hot tires.
Flexibility Rigid Rigid It will conform to the garage floor over time but these garage tiles are considered rigid.
Surface Pattern 2 Coin Top
w/ Textured Surface
Diamond Top
w/ Textured Surface
Slip-Resistance Excellent Excellent The textured surface makes it even more slip resistant compared to the competition.
Color Shine Matte Matte The Textured Surface makes the color look slightly different depending on the light angle.
UV Protection Excellent Excellent Rated for 10 Yrs. with direct sunlight. Even with UV color protection, the garage tiles will change color over time.
Packaging 30 tiles (30 sq ft) per box 30 tiles (27 sq ft) per box ModuTile will sell you the exact quantity of garage floor tiles you need for your project. You can simply add the exact quantity to the web cart and check out. We will divide the box for you and ship what you need.
Ramp Edges Available in Black
12 x 2.5 inches
Available w/ Loops and No Loop Versions
Corners Available
Available in Black
12 x 2.5 inches
Available w/ Loops and No Loop Versions
Corners Available
When used in garage floor applications, most customers only use it for the entrance of the garage. However, they can be purchased to create a large garage floor mat. We will sell you the exact quantity you need. Visit our article on how to choose which type of garage floor tile edges you will need depending on your project.
Suitable Uses Garage Flooring
Basement Flooring
Home Gym Flooring
Portable Dance Floor
Trade Show Flooring
Patio Flooring
Office Flooring
Showroom Display Floor
and MUCH more.
Same as Coin +

Commercial Applications with higher foot traffic. The tiles are heavier hence making them stronger and will support more weight.
Both garage floor tiles will easily support heavy vehicles such as SUV’s and Large Trucks.

These garage floor tiles are NOT suitable for use in a warehouse where a forklift is being used. Forklifts tend to be too heavy.
Car Jacks Support? Yes / many types Yes / many types Some car jacks have sharp edges that would cause the tile to stress. We recommend the use of plywood to distribute the weight.
Country of Origin USA USA ModuTile manufactures all its products in the USA effective April 15, 2011.