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Portable Flooring

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What is the most important feature of any portable floor?  At ModuTile, we believe that portability and ease of installation are the top two features any portable floor designer should incorporate in their product. That is why our interlocking floor made from a high impact polypropylene material is the perfect portable floor.  Our special blend of the material, make the floor both durable and lightweight.   Because our modular tiles interlock with our unique loop-to-peg joining system, the tiles snap together easily while maintaining a strong structure.

Whether you are a soccer mom trying to show spirit at your daughter's game, or you are a company looking for your next trade show flooring, ModuTile has you covered.  Our Interlocking floor can incorporate your unique logo or image. It can be created in any size to fit your specific needs.  The images are embedded in the tile, so they are strong and durable.  The logo floor tiles can easily be snapped apart or snapped together making them quite portable.

Below you will find various products designed to make your shopping at ModuTile as easy as possible.  On the left navigation bar, you will find specific portable floors that you may be interested in.  If you cannot find the portable floor you need, please feel free to contact us via our Toll-Free number on the top of the page or via email using our Contact Us page.

Trade Show Flooring

Does your company attend at least one trade show, expo, or convention per year? If so, you may want to consider buying ModuTile Trade Show Flooring.  Sure, you have the option of renting a carpet to use for your trade show booth flooring from the convention venues, but all you will get is a boring old carpet year after year.  And at the end of each convention, you don't even get to keep it or reuse it.  ModuTile's Trade Show Flooring kits all come with a Logo Floor display. We can make the logo any size you like because we use our Diamond Top Interlocking Tiles as a base.  You will install the logo like puzzle pieces that interlock together to make the full image.  We have full color capabilities to make the logo stand out and display your company in the best light possible.  By having your logo in a visible area of the booth, you will encourage brand recognition while making your booth design stand out.Why not improve your booth design while saving money over time?

Showroom Display

Presentation is everything and first impressions are lasting impressions. Regardless of what industry you are in or what products you are selling, you always put your best foot forward when it comes to your showroom. So you opt for the best possible lighting, and a clean, pleasant space. You can have the best showroom with ModuTile flooring underneath your featured products. Our showroom display flooring will highlight your boats, appliances, tool chests, gym equipment, or anything else that deserves to be showcased. Your showroom flooring will be attractive as well as durable, and it can be moved from one place to another quickly and easily.


Motorcycle Display

Does your motorcycle display inspire your customer to purchase your premium bike? When you sell a motorcycle, do you have a special area for sold bikes? If not, you may be losing sales. Presentation is everything and highlighting your featured bike is important. Direct your customers to that special bike you have in your showroom and inspire them to buy it. Do you attend events? Is your current motorcycle display portable? Making your motorcycle stand out from the competitors is important. We also realize that branding may give you an advantage. That is why our Logo Floor capabilities will allow you to place your company logo right on the mat. The interlocking system will allow you to configure the mat differently depending on the event or showroom area you are displaying the motorcycle. Learn more by visiting our showroom display page.


Car Show Display

Car enthusiasts are some of our best customers. ModuTile has attended car shows all over the country underneath some fabulous looking cars. Since the tiles are so easily to combine into a pad for displaying cars or other vehicles, they are great for car shows and car conventions. They can be ordered in colors to complement unique vehicles and they can even be customized to incorporate any logo, design or anything you can imagine. We offer special logo kits that will really help you put your best foot forward when displaying your prized possessions.


Portable Dance Floor

ModuTile floor tiles can become a portable dance floor within minutes. Simply snap the tiles together for a bright and durable dance surface. They can withstand tap dancing, ballroom dancing, line dancing and any other activities. After the fiesta or workout is over, the flooring can wiped clean and packed up.


Race Floor

Do you like motorsports and racing? Our modular tiles are great for showing off racing cars. You can pick colors to match your car or even design a custom logo on the tiles. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen as far as creating a special place in your garage to park your cars on. You don’t have to worry about the weight of your car or whether the flooring will be durable. They are strong enough to support the weight of heavy vehicles and durable enough to simply wipe clean when necessary.

Custom Floor

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