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Interlocking Basement Floor Tiles - Light Peak Slate

Interlocking Basement Floor Tiles - Light Peak Slate

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2016):
Your team was helpful and I received the materials in a timely manner. I appreciated the samples in making a choice of product.

The tiles are well suited as a concrete floor covering for living spaces. I did ceramic tile the bathroom in this area and there is a noticeable difference in the temperature of the floor as you pass from one material to the other. Your product is as advertised.

The installation was relatively easy once you get a starting point and direction established. The one good thing is if you do it wrong, you disassemble and do it over. Since the material is true to size and fits tight, you don't have to worry about laying it the same way you do with ceramic tile. The one thing to keep in mind is you can't cut and use pieces of this tile like you do with ceramic tile as it is a directional material.

The cutting was easy too. I started with a jig saw and switched to a band saw.

I hope the laminate itself is tough, but time will tell. I did scratch a tile moving some furniture back in place, and it seemed to scratch just a little too easy. I ended up putting down "coasters" on all the furniture with legs to protect the floor. Some of the coasters were rubber because the couch would move when you sat down.

You also have to get used to the "hollow" feel of the floating floor. It is forgiving for some surface imperfections, but only within reason.

Overall it looks good, but there are better looking floor coverings. The thing is this is for concrete floors, and probably the best material overall you can use. You can't carpet (or shouldn't), tile is hard and cold. Other laminates or wood products are more expensive and hard to put in, as well may not perform as well with being laid over concrete. Concrete plain and simple is not a great sub floor. If you have it, you got to work the best you can with it and this is a good product for that.

Thomas M. - Sturgeon bay, Wisconsin, 54235