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Interlocking Trade Show Tiles - Wood Vinyl Top

Interlocking Trade Show Tiles - Wood Vinyl Top

Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2017):
Overall, we were totally satisfied with this flooring and are sure we will continue to use it for upcoming trade shows across Canada/USA in the years to come.

My only suggestion would be that if it was possible to get replacement woodgrain decals it would be awesome for touch ups; we had a couple tiles where the decal started to peel off. This was mostly due to an issue we had in set up- the venue mis-marked our booth space and we had to shift the entire (constructed/installed) booth over by 3ft. So, even though we tried to be gentle sliding the walls, it did result in some damage to the surface of some tiles. However, we were pleased to find that moving 3ft of the tiles from one side, over to the opposite side, was actually not too difficult despite going against the installation direction.

Otherwise, installation and take-down was a breeze and we even had other exhibitors pay us compliments on our flooring!